Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN <div style="border: 3px #086338 Dashed; padding: 10px; background-color: #fff582; text-align: left;"> <ol> <li><strong>Journal Title </strong>: Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan (JUSHPEN)</li> <li><strong>Initials </strong>: JUSHPEN</li> <li><strong>Frequency </strong>: April, Agustus dan Desember</li> <li><strong>Print ISSN </strong>: 2829-0410</li> <li><strong>Online ISSN </strong>: 2829-0534</li> <li><strong>Editor in Chief </strong>: Sandy Suryady, ST., MT., C.AFE</li> <li><strong>DOI </strong>: 10.56127</li> <li><strong>Publisher </strong>: Asosiasi Dosen Muda Indonesia</li> </ol> </div> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan (JUSHPEN) </strong>ISSN: <a href="https://issn.brin.go.id/terbit/detail/20220323071463542" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2829-0410</a> (cetak), ISSN: <a href="https://issn.brin.go.id/terbit/detail/20220323131435226" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2829-0534</a> (online) adalah jurnal yang ditujukan untuk publikasi artikel ilmiah yang diterbitkan oleh Asosiasi Dosen Muda Indonesia dan di payungi Oleh Yayasan Dosen Muda Indonesia. Jurnal ini adalah jurnal studi ilmu-ilmu Sosial humaniora dan pendidikan yang bersifat peer-review dan terbuka. Bidang kajian dalam jurnal ini termasuk linguistik, sastra, filsafat, psikologi, hukum, pendidikan, sosial, administrasi dan studi budaya. Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan menerima makalah dalam bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Indonesia. Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan diterbitkan 3 kali setahun: <strong>April, Agustus dan Desember</strong>. 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This phenomenon is very helpful for prospective students who are looking for reliable information about KIP-K, especially for those who face economic limitations. This study aims to determine whether there is an effect of exposure to the Instagram account @sahabat.kipkulialh on fulfilling information needs in followers. The method used in this research is descriptive quantitative. The results showed that the exposure presented by the account had a positive impact on meeting the information needs of its followers, followers of the @sahabat.kipkuliah Instagram account agreed to access, view, and read within a certain period of time giving attention to the @sahabat.kipkuliah Instagram account such as liking, commenting, and even saving posts for future use.</em></p> Prasetyo Bonifasius, Atori Firdaus Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1008 Sun, 26 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0700 PENGARUH TERPAAN AKUN @MOTOMOBITV TERHADAP KEPUASAN FOLLOWERS DALAM MEMPEROLEH INFORMASI OTOMOTIF http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1009 <p><em>This study aims to determine whether there is an effect of exposure to @motomobitv Instagram account on followers' satisfaction in obtaining automotive information using a quantitative approach method, and a positivistic paradigm. The theory used in this research is the theory of uses and gratification. The results of this study indicate that exposure to the Instagram account @motomobitv has an impact of 77.5% on follower satisfaction in obtaining automotive information, while the remaining 22.5% is influenced by other factors outside of this study. This study also has the results of Ho being rejected and Ha being accepted, which means that there is an influence on media exposure on follower satisfaction.</em></p> Rina Astriani, Rani Puspita Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1009 Sun, 26 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0700 SUBTITLING STRATEGY IN CLASH-A-RAMA ANIMATION SERIES SEASON 1 EPISODE 6: A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1049 <p>Subtitling is the process of providing the equal meaning of what being said in the movie through the text written below the screen. The text written in the screen is known as subtitle. This research aims to find out the types of subtitling strategy in Clash-A-Rama Animation Series Season 1 Episode 6: A Knight to Remember. Clash-A-Rama Animation Series Season 1 Episode 6: A Knight To Remember is used as the source of the data. The data are every utterance in Clash-A-Rama Animation Series Season 1 Episode 6: A Knight to Remember. Qualitative method is applied in this research. This research used Gottlieb’s theory. 6 types of subtitling strategies are found in this research. They are transfer (63 data), paraphrase (62 data), deletion (9 data), imitation (7 data), condensation (2 data), and dislocation (1 datum)</p> Dewi Wulan Sari Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1049 Sat, 02 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 AN ANALYSIS OF THE USE OF DICTION ON EMPHATY STATEMENT IN GOODENOUGHPARENTS.ID http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1050 <p>In this research, the writer aims to analyze the use of diction of gentle parenting sentences in GoodEnoughparents.id. This study analyzes the diction based on Gorys Keraf theory which includes (1) diction based on meaning consist of denotation and connotation, (2) diction based on lexical issues, especially in terms of formal and informal diction in gentle parenting conversation/sentences , and (3) the function of diction in gentle parenting sentences/conversation. The research method used is a descriptive qualitative method. The object in this research is dictions in the form of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences in Goodenoughparents.id both in web or instagram posts. Data collection was conducted by reading, classifying, and analyzing. The validity of this data in this study was obtained through observation, discussion, and sufficient references. There are four research results found based on the data analysis. First, the type of diction used in Goodenoughparents.id instagram posts is diction which has denotative and connotative meanings, but most of the dictions (90%) of the instagram posts use denotative dictions. Second, the researcher found that in terms of lexical structure, there are only formal and informal dictions and the usage of formal and informal diction in goodenoughparetns.id instagram posts are equal. Third, the function of diction in gentle parenting conversation or sentences is to ensure that the communication between parents and children can run smoothly, through denotative dictions in pretend play activities or through informal dictions that is popular among children.</p> Rose Diana Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1050 Sat, 02 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 SLANG WORD TYPES IN TWO FAMOUS ENGLISH SONGS OF BLACKPINK http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1051 <p><em>The aim of the research is to investigate slang word types in two famous English songs of Blackpink entitled “Ice Cream” and “Bet You Wanna”. A descriptive qualitative method is used in this research. Theory of slang words related to speaker-oriented sociological properties advocated by Mattiello (2008) is applied to analyze the data. The research results showed that there are three types of slang words found namely Debasement with 2 data, Group-and subject-restriction with 22 data, and Secrecy and Privacy with 47 data. In conclusion, we can see here that the most used slang words in two famous English songs of Blackpink entitled “Ice Cream” and “Bet You Wanna” is Secrecy and Privacy.</em></p> Wati Purnama Sari Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1051 Sat, 02 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 7 SPHERES OF ACTION IN NETFLIX SERIES SHADOW AND BONE S1 (2021): A VLADIMIR PROPP’S THEORY PERSPECTIVE http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1034 <p><strong>ABSTRACT</strong></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>Seven spheres of action is a theory made by Vladimir Propp. The researcher analyzed the role of characters that appear in the Netflix series Shadow and Bone with this theory. The research method used is descriptive qualitative method. The result of this research shows there are six out of seven spheres of action that appear in this story which are: Alina Starkov as hero, King Pyotr as dispatcher, Baghra as donor, General Kirigan and Genya Safin as false hero, Malyen Oretsev, Zoya Nazyalensky, and The Crows (Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghava, Jesper Fahey) as helper, General Kirigan, Arken Visser, Dreesen, and General Zlatan as villain. The spheres of action the princess and her father did not appear in this series.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Fathiyyah Rahmah, Gita Rahmi Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1034 Sun, 03 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 DIGITALISASI SEKOLAH SEBAGAI METODE PEMBELAJARAN DI ERA PENDIDIKAN 4.0 http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1052 <p>Revolusi industri 4.0 telah membuat bidang pendidikan agar beradaptasi dengan pesatnya perkembangan teknologi informasi sehingga dapat memanfaatkannya sebagai sarana yang lebih canggih demi mendukung kelancaran proses pembelajaran. Para ahli kemudian menggunakan istilah Pendidikan 4.0 untuk menjelaskan macam-macam cara integrasi teknologi informasi baik yang secara fisik maupun virtual dalam proses pembelajaran. Digitalisasi ini sebenarnya bukanlah hal baru dalam bidang Pendidikan, namun istilah ini kurang mendapat perhatian karena sudah berada pada zona nyaman yang membuat kebiasaan lama pada proses pembelajaran selalu dipertahankan dan membuat tidak ada inovasi dalam pembelajaran dan terkesan monoton. Kurikulum kini telah berubah dan menuntut guru dan peserta didik mau tidak mau keluar dari zona nyaman tadi yang membuat mereka mesti lebih berpikir dan kreatif untuk menciptakan suasanya belajar sehingga mampu menghadapi persaingan. Dengan metode studi literatur, penelitian ini dilakukan guna mengetahui bagaimana penerapan digitalisasi sekolah sebagai metode pembelajaran di era pendidikan 4.0 di tingkat sekolah dasar dan menengah? Hasil dari penelitian ini yaitu digitalisasi sekolah mampu memudahkan proses KBM karena peserta didik dapat mengakses seluruh bahan ajar maupun ujian melalui jaringan. Kemendikbud tidak hanya mendorong para peserta didik untuk pintar dalam mengoperasikan gawai (gadget) pada proses pembelajaran, akan tetapi juga menekankan peningkatan kompetensi bagi guru di bidang TIK. Berbagai upaya dilakukan oleh Kemendikbud dalam meningkatkan kompetensi guru, salah satunya melalui Pustekkom dengan menyelenggarakan program Pembelajaran Berbasis TIK (PembaTIK).</p> Ricky Firmansyah, Yunika Komalasari, Srie Wijaya Kesuma Dewi, Phitsa Mauliana, R. Dewi Sulastriningsih, Nanang Hunaifif Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1052 Sun, 03 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700 ANTONYMY STRATEGY IN TRANSLATING UTTERANCES FROM ENGLISH INTO INDONESIAN IN A SERIES ENTITLED “YOUNG SHELDON” SEASON 01 EPISODES 1 - 5 http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1053 <p>Antonymy is a translation strategy with the oppositeness of meaning by changing the positive element in the source text into negative in the target text or the negative element in the source text into positive in the target text. This present research aims at exploring the implementation of antonymy strategy in translating utterances from English into Indonesian in a series entitled “Young Sheldon” season 1 episodes 1-5. The antonymy is based on semantic point of view. By applying qualitative research, the result shows that there are eleven (11) data found that are translated using antonymy strategy based on Chesterman (2016). The data are taken from a series entitled “Young Sheldon”, season 1 from episodes 1 until 5. Even though there is a changing, the meanings are all transferred accurately from the source text into the target text.</p> Sunarti Desrieny Tambunan Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Sosial Humaniora dan Pendidikan http://journal.admi.or.id/index.php/JUSHPEN/article/view/1053 Sun, 03 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0700