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From the beginning of the reform era in Indonesia, the system of electing government representatives in the realm of council members, regional heads, and heads of state was carried out by looking for direct elections. Direct elections are carried out with several stages starting from registration, campaigning, elections, to the decision to recapitulate the winner's vote. One of the ways that candidates for election participants do is to campaign massively to the public. This campaign is expected to introduce the candidate to be the top choice of the community. The biggest challenge of this massive campaign is how much it costs compared to the reach of socialization to the community. Campaigns in conventional forms such as banners and social assistance do not necessarily make the election participants win an election, especially when the campaign funds have been enlarged to exceed the competitor who won the election. With the existence of social media, which is developing quite rapidly today such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (x), TikTok, and so on, election participants have used social media as an alternative and even the main campaign media. The next challenge is how the use of social media can produce significant results in the campaign of election participants. One of the sciences in the world of technology is data mining. Data mining helps in processing data to provide decision references that are in accordance with the sampling conditions of the conditions taken from the data. The purpose of this journal is about the utilization of data mining technology in helping election campaigns with social media to the factors involved in this in the current era of Indonesian democracy.</p> 2024-03-03T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Science and Technology ANALYSIS OF FACTORS INHIBITING THE IMPLEMENTATION OF K3 IN CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS 2024-01-26T15:26:29+07:00 Menik Ariyanti Wateno Oetomo Sajiyo Sajiyo <p>Low implementation of K3 in construction projects can cause the safety and health of construction workers to be given less attention, so that construction workers feel less safe and comfortable, which can result in a decrease in performance levels. The impact of non-optimal performance results in the project being carried out not being able to meet the quality requirements that have been set. Based on data analysis from observations on the Kapas-Glendeng 8 bridge widening construction project, Bojonegoro Regency, there are inhibiting factors in implementing the occupational health and safety management system, namely workforce competency, work experience in the construction sector, job training, ability to access information via digital media. , worker involvement in making regulations, understanding and awareness in wearing PPE, reporting procedures, data recording and documentation.</p> 2024-03-03T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Science and Technology TWO-AXIS SOLAR PANEL TRACKING DEVICE PROTOTYPE WITH IOT-BASED MONITORING 2023-12-16T18:18:45+07:00 M. Asep Rizkiawan Awan Agus Sofwan Sofwan Abdul Multi <p>The aim of this project is to develop a dual-axis solar tracker equipped with an IoT monitoring system with the BLYNK platform using Arduino. Overall, solar energy refers to technologies that generate power from sunlight. The utilization of solar energy has been around for centuries and has been widely used without relying on other energy supplies. However, its importance is increasing as environmental awareness grows and the availability of other energy sources, such as fuel, becomes limited. Sun tracking systems are an effective technology that can improve the efficiency of solar panels by following the movement of the sun. With the help of this system, solar panels can automatically orient themselves to sunlight, improve sunlight detection, and increase electricity collection because solar panels can always be in a bright position. This project focuses on developing a two-axis sun tracker using Arduino Uno as the main controller. For its implementation, four light-sensitive resistors (LDRs) are used to detect sunlight and maximum light intensity. Two servo motors are used to move the solar panel according to the direction of sunlight detected by the LDRs. Furthermore, an ESP8266 WIFI device is used as an intermediary between the device and the IoT monitoring system. The IoT monitoring system is a website that serves to store data. The efficiency of this system is tested and compared with single axial sun tracking. The results show that the two-axis solar tracking system generates more power, voltage, and current compared to the single axial solar tracker.</p> 2024-03-23T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Science and Technology RISK ANALYSIS WITH THE HIRARC METHOD ON INSTALLATION STEEL BOX GIDER CONSTRUCTION OF ALOHA FLYOVER SIDOARJO 2024-01-26T15:28:06+07:00 Karunia Az Zahra Wateno Oetomo Sajiyo Sajiyo <p class="Normal1" style="text-align: justify;"><span lang="EN" style="color: black;">Research on the Aloha flyover construction project aims to determine the risks that occur in the workmanship of installing steel box girder, knowing the level of risk that occurs in the workmanship of installing steel box girder and knowing how to control the risks that occur in the workmanship of installing steel box girder. The method used in this research is the Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) method guided by the Malaysia HIRARC Guidelines (2008). Starting from identifying hazards at each stage of the work activity, a risk assessment is carried out, the results of which can be used as a reference for risk control, to reduce the risk of work accidents. The results of the analysis from the identification of hazards and risks arising in 5 stages of work and a total of 11 potential hazard findings were obtained. (1) Preparation stage for steel box girder erection maneuver; (2) The process of leveling/compacting the erection area soil for preparation of crawler crane footing/foundation; (3) The process of mobilizing steel box girder material from stockyard to erection area; (4) Installing slings + seals that will be used during steel box girder erection; (5) The process of installing steel box girder using crawler crane. The risk assessment results obtained a total of 11 potential hazard findings with details of 5 potential hazards with a percentage of risk value of 45.54% which is at a high level and 6 potential hazards with a percentage of risk value of 54.55% at a moderate level. The total number of risk level values is 132, with an average value of 12, meaning that the installation of steel box girder is at a moderate level. The results of risk control recommendations after obtaining the risk level value and analyzing the risk value, obtained 6 types of risk control in accordance with the risk control hierarchy, namely elimination, substitution, engineering control, warning system, administrative control, and personal protective equipment (PPE).</span></p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Science and Technology TIME ANALYSIS USING EARNED VALUE METHOD ON PRESERVATION OF SECTION 5 PANDAAN TOLL EXIT ROAD IN MALANG 2024-03-31T11:53:20+07:00 Amalia Fathimah Azh Zhahra Mughni Hanie Teki Tjendani Budi Witjaksana <p>The development of a country's road or toll road infrastructure&nbsp; can be used as a benchmark to judge a country's economic development at both macro and micro levels. The location of toll exits has a significant impact on labor absorption and the creation of new business activities.</p> <p>Projects are dynamic, so contractors must adapt to changing project situations and conditions&nbsp; if they are to succeed in achieving optimal profits. Today's highly competitive aspects of construction planning require high levels of accuracy,&nbsp; efficiency, effectiveness and economy in project analysis. In the world of construction projects, there is much that can be done, including controlling costs. &nbsp;In cost control, efforts can be made so that the realization of costs incurred is consistent with implementation needs&nbsp; and is not excessive, such as efforts to limit costs, that is, to realize savings without does not reduce quantity or quality. The earned value method is used to determine the project's performance in terms of cost at a certain time, determine the project's performance in terms of progress/time at a point in time. certain, estimate the cost to complete the project after the evaluation period and estimate the cost to complete the project after the evaluation period. Project completion time after evaluation. In this study, the author performed a cost analysis using the earned value method for the conservation of Pandaan Malang Section 5 toll road. The schedule variance value is Rp1,652,192,521 with the time performance index value of 1.139743112 or SPI value &gt; 1, meaning this project has arrived at week 17, the implementation is faster than planned.The estimated project completion date or Expected Schedule (EAS) is 278 days,&nbsp; 22 days faster than the total contract period of 300 days.</p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Science and Technology TIME AND COST ANALYSIS OF DHOHO KEDIRI AIRPORT ACCESS ROAD PROJECT USING EARNED VALUE METHOD 2024-04-05T23:55:11+07:00 Ichsan Yanuansyah Pramadha Hanie Teki Tjendani Budi Witjaksana <p>Delays in project completion are something that any project contractor must avoid. Because apart from having a negative effect on the credibility of the project contractor, delays in project completion also cause penalty costs to be borne by the contractor, so that the profits to be obtained are reduced.<br>Earned Value Method. This method is used to determine project performance in terms of costs at one time, determine project performance in terms of schedule/time at one time, predict costs to complete the project after the evaluation time and predict the time to complete the project after the evaluation.<br>By using this method in the Kediri airport access road construction project, it was found that the project was delayed from the plan. The ETC (estimate to complete) value obtained was the estimated budget value required for completion was IDR 17,470,510,292.77, while the EAC (estimate at complete) value obtained was the final total cost estimate. project is IDR 32,509,153,464.05. TE Value Results (Time Estimate) to complete the project to completion in 89 calendar days or 5 days later than the contract time of 84 calendar days.</p> 2024-03-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Science and Technology PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF BUSINESS STARTUP WEBSITE USING GT-METRIX WITH WATERFALL SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE METHOD 2024-05-28T13:11:50+07:00 Erma Sova Makmun Siti Shifa Tasliza <p>Business ventures began to expand towards technology that initially used conventional sales and payment methods, then developed by young people who saw business opportunities could be simplified in an easy way but had a lot of profit. They utilize computer technology by creating ways to sell through online, namely website media as startup business people. The purpose of the study was to analyze the performance of the "bikinian ibu" website with a url address. Analysis activities in the form of measuring website speed performance, testing browser timing, testing Tab Structure, Testing Tab Waterfall in diagram form, Testing Tab History, Testing website vitals, Testing Tab Speed. The method used is the Waterfall method by following the following stages: analysis, design or design, coding, testing and maintenance. Based on the results of testing the performance of the "mother-made" website in the GTMetrix section, a Performance analysis score of 93% was obtained, CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) has not shown good results because it exceeds the maximum standard score on CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift), the structure score covers 89% with the grade A category which means it shows good results. Website loading time also shows good results, website testing looks like there are constraints in the medium and low urgency categories. On the Waterfall tab of the website in the form of waterfall chart results there are 2 404 errors, 20 requests with a total file size of 622KB and 0.96MB for uncompressed files, while the time to load the website is 1.4 seconds. From the results of the Total Page Size of the website is 624KB, while the total page request is obtained as much as 20.&nbsp;</p> 2024-03-25T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal Science and Technology